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Best Performance Website Design

At NEWPAGES, we provide the best performance website design for our clients. We also give on-site training services to our clients to guide them to update and maintain their websites using NEWPAGES MERCHANT SYSTEM (NMS) on PC or APPs. Clients are allowed to manage their company website anywhere at ZERO cost.

Easiest Website Management System

You don't have any IT background, coding, programmer or designer knowledge? Don't worry, you still can manage a website using your smartphone, by just taking a photo and posting it. Company promotion, new arrival, best deal, buy 1 free 1 offer, activitie photos, event gallery, product photos, sub-images, 360 view, videos and whatever, just post it. The website storage is unlimited for you to present your business to your visitors.

Fully Customize Website Layout

At NEWPAGES, we do not use free template, download and provide it to our valuable clients. 100% close source and fully customized website layout design for our clients to make sure the website structure and theme is matched with your business. Our very own R&D department and production team are ready to Publish Your Business Online !

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